Can I sync my calendar to my phone?

Coaches, athletes, and parents, syncing your team's schedule to your mobile device has never been easier.  

How to sync schedule to your phone

If your team's schedule is posted, you will see the schedule within the app. Follow the steps below to learn how to sync your team's schedule to your phone. 

Open the Teams app and sign in. 

1. On the flyout menu select, the setting option in the upper right-hand corner. 


2. Under My Teams, select your sport. 


3. On the sports page, you will enable the Calendar Sync toggle to green.


4. If you are using iOS follow the pop-up screens allowing access to your calendar. 

5. On the calendar sync, pop-up select got and then navigate to the schedule tab. 

6. Once on the schedule, in the upper-right hand corner, you will notice that the team's schedule is syncing. 


All games on the schedule will then appear on your phone's calendar. 

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