There are no more codes to share out for inviting your athletes & parents to the Teams app. If your athletes haven't claimed their profile, you can send them an invite to the app via email.

How to invite your Athletes

From the roster tab, you can see how many of your athletes have claimed their profile. 

1. Sign in to the app using your existing MaxPreps account.

2. From the roster, tab select the athlete that is missing the blue check mark badge next to their name. 

3. On the athlete, pop-up page, select "Invite."


4. Enter in the athlete's email address and select send. 

The athlete(s) will receive the invitation by email with 2 steps to follow.

How to invite Parents

In order to get the parents linked up in the Teams app, the athlete can invite their parent, once the athlete has been linked to the Teams app. Parents can go follow their athlete and receive basic access top to the team.

Check out Unclaimed Profiles

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