Through the Teams app you're able to manage your Roster under the Members tab if you're an All Access Admin or Staff Access Admin. Learn more about your Team Permissions.

There are three ways for the roster to appear in the app. 

1. You utilized the COPY ROSTER FROM LAST YEAR tool. 

2. You manually added the individual athletes.

3. You added your roster through your Coach Admin account. 

Copy Roster Tool: 

The All Access and Staff Admins have the ability to copy the roster from last year by clicking on the COPY ROSTER FROM LAST YEAR button.

 1. Go to the Members tab  .

 2. It will default to Roster. 



 4. Utilizing this feature will copy the roster from last year, update each athletes grade and drop off any seniors. 


Manually Entering your Roster: 

 1. Go to the Members tab  .

 2. If the roster has not been entered, depending on your device, select the proper option to add your Roster members.

  • iOS device, select  +

  • Android device, select  

 4. Fill out all fields required & Save. 

  • First & Last name
  • Grade

Depending on your device, select the proper option to save.

  • iOS device, select Save
  • Android device, select 

 5. Your roster has now been added for the season. 


Adding your Roster through your Coach Admin Account 

Go to and sign into your MaxPreps account.

 1. Place your cursor over  in the upper right hand corner.    

 2. In the drop box under ADMIN ACCOUNTS, select your team. 




 3. From the blue navigation bar, go to Roster and select Athletes.



4. On the Manage Roster page, select  to add you teams roster. 



5. On the Add Player page, fill out the required information. 

  • First & Last Name 
  • Grade

6. Then select,  to save and continue adding the remaining athletes. 




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