Teams by MaxPreps has made some updates to Team Permissions.

In years past, Teams by MaxPreps had three levels of access: All-Access, Staff, and Communications. Moving forward, we have consolidated the All-Access and Staff levels, leaving all users with these access types as All-Access admins. Users with this permission will not notice any changes. 


Any users with Communication access will be moved into the Team Community Admin. If you are on the coaching staff and need the new All-Access permission, please reach out to a member of your staff with access to get you set up. If no coaches have access, reach out to our support team and we will help get you started. 

Submit a Request

Give MaxPreps Support a call: 1-(800) 329-7324 ext. 1

All Access

Head coaches, or assistant coaches who will be in charge of managing the whole team if the head coach is not managing the team.

  • Manages who has access to the team admin.
  • Ability to add/edit rosters, schedules, scores, and stats.
  • Includes creating wall posts and events your whole team will be able to see. 
  • Start chats with anyone on the team. This includes creating group chats or individual chats. 
Team Community

Athletes, parents, and any other members of your team's community who doesn't need access to edit schedules, rosters, stats, etc. coaches, statisticians.

Team Community access will enable users to be a part of the Teams app community giving them the ability to:

  • Message in chats started by All-Access admins.
  • Check our scores, stats, and roster information. 
  • Receive notifications from wall posts and events.

There are also All-Star Scorers who have limited access to make minor corrections to a team's schedule or roster. Learn more about All-Star Scorers here.

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