Game is in the Wrong Quarter:

If you are providing live score updates, and happen to be scoring in the incorrect quarter, don't worry. We can reset the game for you. Below are the two options we provide.

Wrong Quarter - Early on in Game

If it's early on in the game:

A MaxPreps support staff member can reset the game for you - this will remove ALL plays you have entered so far and start you back from the beginning. Please email and be sure to include the teams playing in your game.

Wrong Quarter - Later on in Game

If it's later in the game:

We do not suggest resetting your game as you will lose ALL the plays you have entered so far. Unfortunately, we are unable to allow scorers to go back into previous quarters without deleting the entire game and starting over. Making a correction after the fact would have a ripple effect on the rest of the game and our system is not set up to unravel the game as such. Don't worry though - these small reporting errors will happen from time to time - especially when you're reporting live at the game - it's a big job! We suggest using the commentary section to let fans know which quarter the game is actually in.

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