No Wi-Fi or Poor Cell Service?

If you're scoring a high school game, and encounter no Wi-fi or poor cell service, don't worry. We have two options available to select from. You can use the Commentary section to keep the fans up to date or Opt-Out a game and allow another fan to provide live scoring updates.

Commentary to Update Fans

Option 1: Use the commentary to let fans know:

If you believe your service will come back, or is just hit-or-miss, we recommend using the commentary section to let fans know you are still providing updates as frequently as you can in spite of any bad cell service.

Opt-Out of Game

Option 2: Opt-out of the game so another fan can provide the live scoring:

If you don't think you'll be able to provide quality game updates due to poor service, you can remove yourself from the game by following the steps below (please pick the platform you are using to provide scores):

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