Looking to save time from having to manually enter every stat into MaxPreps?

Instead of having to manually enter your stats, MaxPreps offers stat importing! Many of the apps coaches use to record their season stats contain a feature that allows you to export your stats and import them into MaxPreps; saving you invaluable time during your busy day. 

Check out which stat-tracking apps we are partnered with here.

How does it work?
Exporting a stat file from an app and importing the file into MaxPreps is an incredibly efficient way to have your stats published on MaxPreps. In three easy steps, you can have your stats published and move on with your day.

All it takes is exporting the stat file from the app you keep stats in, logging into your coach admin on MaxPreps, selecting the game you're entering stats for, attach the stat file, and boom! Your stats are now in MaxPreps.

Below are some of the most popular apps coaches use to simplify stat entry on MaxPreps.

Hudl_logo.png     HUDL

MaxPreps and HUDL share a unique relationship when it comes to data-syncing.

Not only are you able to export your stats from HUDL; your roster, schedule, and highlight videos will also be sent over to MaxPreps. With all of the data being sent to MaxPreps, your workload will be greatly decreased!

For football, HUDL has made it possible to send the stats straight to MaxPreps instead of needing to export/import a stat file. Our engineering teams are hard at work to enable this feature for all sports in future seasons.

Other Sports:
Other sports HUDL offers the stat export feature for are Basketball, Lacrosse, and Volleyball. These sports will still need to utilize the export/import feature as the stats will not automatically sync to MaxPreps. Your roster, schedule, and highlight videos will still automatically sync over, though. 

com.gc.teammanager.jpg     GameChanger

GameChanger is the quickest and easiest way to manage and send your Baseball/Softball stats to MaxPreps.

MaxPreps and GameChanger have a special data sync, similar to HUDL. If MaxPreps and your GameChanger account are correctly linked up, your stats will automatically be sent and published on MaxPreps.

To learn more about how to set up the syncing between MaxPreps and GameChanger, please follow the instructions in the MaxPreps & GameChanger Sides section of this article.

maxstats.png     MaxStats

MaxStats is our in-house app for keeping track of Basketball scores and stats.

Our engineering team at MaxPreps did a wonderful job creating an app to help coaches track stats and scores live during games. Your roster and schedule automatically sync into the MaxStats app as well as your stats automatically syncing into MaxPreps.

The process to publish your stats from start to finish should take no more than 2 minutes!

Please note MaxStats is exclusive to iPads only at this time. We are working to bring the app to the Google Play Store as well as mobile phones in the future. 

If you have any questions regarding the exporting and importing of your stats, please feel free to reach out to our support team by submitting a request.

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