Preseason Mode

When in Preseason Mode, coaches can utilize the Teams app, while the season is over or about to begin. 

 Preseason Mode in the app

In the app, you will see the sports you have access too. In the upper left-hand side, this indicates that the team is currently in Preseason Mode.

Preseason Teams will be treated as its own Team and Season. Preseason data is not visible to the public. Once the team is in season, a new tile will be created. Both the Preseason and In-Season teams will be considered as Active teams. Once the season has officially begun the preseason option will be gone. 

Preseason Mode in Coach Admin on Desktop

With Preseason Mode live in the Teams app, you will see a Preseason Mode within your Coach Admin. This was done so you can use the Teams app for communication purposes during the offseason. 

Coaches should utilize the app and add all prospective athletes that will try out to the athlete roster. Please note, the 18-19 Fan Pages are not live so your athletes won't be seen by the public. When the 18-19 pages do go live to the public, your public roster will be labeled ‘Preseason Mode.'

When the 18-19 fan pages go live, the rosters will be labeled like this:

As the season approaches, you will be given the option to turn off Preseason Mode and the coach admin roster page will look like this:

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