Noticed that our team pages don't look like they used to?

We made some HUGE updates and upgrades to our team pages to improve the user experience. A more simple and sleek team page makes it easier for you to gather all of the information you want!

We understand the changes made may make it difficult at first to find what you're looking for; so below are some of the biggest changes and how to find them on the new team pages! 


Basic Navigation:

The left-hand navigation bar is a thing of the past. Don't worry, all of those links are still available to you! The links are spread out throughout the top navigation bar. You will see Home, Roster, Schedule, Rankings, Standings and, More displayed across the top.navbar.JPG


Quick Cards:

On the right-hand side of the page, you will see quick cards to find some basic information about the team including their record, rankings, team photo, and staff.Team_Home_Desktop.png


Professional Galleries:

You can find Professional Photograph galleries under the, "More" section as well as video, articles, and other team information.

Coaching & Staff Members

Staff Information:

The coach listing has changed and can now be found on the right-hand side of the page under, "Meet the Team." In addition to the Head Coach listing being displayed, you will now the assistant coaches (assistant coaches will only be displayed if they have coach admin access).


Contributing Staff Information:

If the team does not have any coach listed, you will see an option to, "Invite Head Coach." As long as you have the Head Coach's email, you can submit this to our team to have it posted.

Also, if the team does not have a team photo, you will see an option to submit a photo to our support team for approval on the, "Meet the Team" quick card. The approval process typically takes 24 hours.


Changing Seasons

Looking for past seasons? In the top navigation bar under the sport listing, you will see the current season listed. To filter between seasons, click on the season and you will be able to filter between levels and years.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the changes to the team pages, please reach out to our support team at 1-800-329-7324 ext. 1 or

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