Leagues & Divisions:

Coaches: During the off season, we do our best to track and update league & division alignments. If your league or division is still incorrect, follow the below instructions and our support team will be able to make the corrections for you.

Fans: If you are trying to submit any corrections, please follow this link to our Fan submitted League/Division requests. Your submissions will go through a verification process before being made on MaxPreps. 

Correcting your League as an Admin

League Correction:

Go to MaxPreps.com and access your Coach Admin Account. 

1. On the blue navigation bar, go to Home tab. On the Teams Checklist select, Verify your League.


2. Follow the directions on the screen to correct league/conference alignment on MaxPreps

3. By removing/adding teams you are making a request, so you will not see any changes made immediately.

Requests will normally receive a response within 24 hours business days.

Correcting your Division as an Admin

Division Correction:

Go to MaxPreps.com and access your Coach Admin Account.  

1. On the blue navigation bar, go to Standings  tab and select Division Alignment.

2. Make sure your division alignment is correct. If your division is incorrect, please submit a correction for approval.

Requests will normally receive a response within 1-2 business days.

Please remember, the standings & rankings pages will reflect your team's league and division alignments. When adding your schedule, you have to make sure the Game Types are selected correctly.

Teams Listed in Two Leagues:

If your high school is in Colorado or Arkansas you won't be able to verify your team's league, due to your team being listed in two leagues. Or any teams that are participating in two leagues this season.

Teams can be listed in two leagues, however only the Primary League will be reflected in the rankings. Please note, if a team is marked in two leagues, you will not be able to verify your team league through your Coach Admin Account. You will still be able to view the Secondary League on the team page, under Team Links, and select Standings. This will reflect both leagues the team is listed in. If your teams Primary League is listed incorrect, please Submit a Request and our Support Team will be happy to make the correction.

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