Score Management

Coaches, you will want to make sure you're adding your scores in at the end of each game or before the rankings are updated. Any incorrect data will have an impact on your teams rankings.   

How to Add & Edit Scores

Adding & Editing Scores:

Go to and sign into your Coach Admin Account.

  1. Go to   on the blue task bar and select Scores/Stats.   

  2. To Add/Edit your score, select + or  icon, under the Add/Edit column.  

  3.  If no score has been added, feel free to add the box scores or the final end game score.

  4. To begin removing games, under the Edit/Delete column, you will have two icons.

  • Enter the score and select, Save and Exit when finished.
  • If the score resulted in a Forfeit, please check the Forfeit box in yellow and add a score of 1-0. The score can't be left blank. 
  • If the score is added, but listed incorrectly, feel free to make the edits.

That's it. The team page will update within 15-30 min. Please note, if you make any score corrections after the rankings have been published, ranking will update again during the next rankings update. 

How to Report Scores
As a Fan - Report a Score:

If you're a parent of the team of simply a fan, who attended the game, don't worry. You are able to Report a Score and that will go through a 24 hour approval process. Coaches you are able to utilize this tool as well. But it's better to enter in the scores through your Coach Admin Account after the game, that way they post faster. 


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