We make it easy to organize your team and school events all in one place. Games from the team's schedule are automatically added to the Team Calendar. Coaches & AD's can add additional events, such as: practices, team meetings, scrimmages, banquets and more.

Team Calendar from the Coach Admin Account:

Go to MaxPreps.com and sign into your Coach Admin Account.

1. Go to the Schedule tab and select, Full Calendar.

2. To post an event select,  in the upper left hand corner.

3. The Add Event information will populate for you to fill out. For the event details you have options to select. 

  • Repeat Events - Practices (etc).
  • Public or Private Events - Team Meeting, Parent Meeting (etc). 
  • Calendars - Varsity, JV, Freshman and or School Calendar
  • Event Details - Any details you want to include

Team Calendar from the AD Admin Account:

Go to MaxPreps.com and sign into your AD Admin Account.

1. Under AD Utilities select, .

2. All games scheduled will appear here. To add an event select, .

3. Fill out the information you would like to have posted. Make sure you select, which sport you wish to have the event posted to.

4. To save event select, .



To view the Team Calendar on the Team Page:

If you are a fan and want to locate the team calendar, you can! First access the team page. 

1. Once on the team page, under Team Links select, More

2. Under the Core section, select Calendar

3. From here, you can see whats been posted for the team. You can select the event an a popup will appear.  


Google/Outlook Calendar Sync:

Syncing calendars to your phone or to MaxPreps from out sources is not an available option at this time.

Syncing Calendars:

We don't have a sync option to outside calendars such as Google or Outlook to MaxPreps or vise versa. However, once the new Teams app is launched, you will be able to download your MaxPreps game schedule to your phone. 

Calendar Syncing within the Teams app:

We have released a new and improved way to communicate with your team. To learn more about the Teams app, follow the link Teams app by MaxPreps.





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