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Be a Reporter for your team

Anyone can be a Reporter for their favorite football or basketball team on MaxPreps. We count on fans at the games to contribute and share live score updates for the fans who can’t make it to the game. So if you are a parent, PA announcer, statistician, or simply a fan, become a MaxPreps Reporter and submit live game and score updates from the stands or sidelines. Use the links below to find your team and start reporting!


  1. You need to be at the game
  2. Have an internet-connected smartphone with a fully charged battery
  3. Willing to spend the time needed after each scoring play to enter details about what happened
  4. Willing to provide quality game updates for the fans

Quality Game Updates 

Provide the fans with what they’re missing. Make them feel like they’re at the game by providing quality game updates. Here are some tips for making your game awesome for the fans:

  1. Check in so fans know you are there
  2. Enter all scoring updates
  3. Post photos periodically
  4. Enter summaries after each quarter in the commentary
  5. Provide game commentary periodically
  6. Enter big plays, possession updates and red zone alerts - football
  7. Enter fouls and timeouts - basketball

If you complete one quality game, we immediately invite you to score the next game. Once you complete two quality games, we invite you to be the Official Team Reporter.

Football                         Basketball


How to Sign Up

You can sign up to be a reporter and provide live scoring from a game's matchup page, team schedule and team wall. 

Mobile Desktop
Team Schedule Team Schedule
image1__5_.PNG teamschedule.png
Game Matchup Game Matchup
contestmobile.png contestpage.png
Team Wall Team Wall
teamschedulemobile1.jpg teamwall1.jpg


 Once you sign up, fans will know that you will be at the game and they can count on you for all the updates!



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