As fans you are able to submit any corrections to the Support Team. 

Athlete Profiles:

Athlete profiles aggregate athletes stats, sports, photos, videos and more across all four years of their high school careers. To read more about athlete profile pages click here.

If there is a season or sport missing from an athlete's high school career page that does exist on MaxPreps please submit a request and we will be happy to correct it.  

Sample Athlete Profile Page - Jrue Holiday


Roster Corrections:

If your name is spelled wrong, your athletes name spelled incorrectly or have something else you would like fixed, corrected or updated on a roster, please use the Rosters Correction Tool.

If the roster is not posted on MaxPreps you can submit the roster on our Roster Submissions Tool.

 Continue to have issues with the roster? You can always reach out to us by submitting a request or calling us at it to 1-800-329-7324 ext. 1.



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