Adding & Removing Sports for a School:

Keep in mind that if the team existed in past seasons there will be data that will remain on the website. In this case you would want the sport to remain listed on your school, but only for the previous seasons. 

Removing a Specific Sport

Removing a Specific Sport:

If your school has never had this sport available please Submit a Request  to have the sport removed from the high school. 

Adding a Specific Sport

Adding a Specific Sport - As an Athletic Director:

Go to and sign into your AD Admin Account. 

  1. Under the AD Utilities section, select 'Manage Teams'.

  2. On the Manage Teams page, a list of Active Teams will appear. Select, .

  3. Fill out the sports information and who is the primary contact for the team. 

Please note, you are requesting the sport to be added. This will go through a 24 hour approval process. 

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