If you want to upload a highlight video to MaxPreps, you need to be a member. Please note, you have to have the video in order to submit the video for approval. The approval process can take 1-3 business days. If you don't already have a MaxPreps account you can sign up for a free account today.

Upload Highlight Videos:

You need to login with your MaxPreps account so you have the ability to upload your video. If you don't already have a MaxPreps account you can sign up for a free account today.

Make sure you have the silver-light plugin is installed. If you don't have it, there will be a graphic on that page letting you know that you need to download and install that plugin. If you need to install it, you will have to restart your browser after it's finished.

When your browser opens back up, you need to go back to the video upload page. From here you'll click upload and navigate to your video file on your computer. Then you can make your necessary title, description and tagging information so that the video goes up on MaxPreps in the proper locations.
If there is a location where you don't want the video to appear, you would delete that tag.

Change Video Orientation:

The reason why your video would be showing sideways is that you probably filmed from your mobile device vertically and not horizontally. Our video player automatically flips the video to maximize the video screen size. There is no easy immediate way to fix this issue but if you email the video support team (MP-Video@cbsinteractive.com) we can download your video and fix it for you.

Please note, that it's always best to film horizontally when expecting to share online or to view your video on a widescreen TV.




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