Remove myself as the reporter

Can't make a game?

We understand you may not be able to attend the game at the last minute or you may have became a Reporter by accident. If this happens to you, please cancel your game as soon as possible.

How to Cancel on Desktop:

How to Cancel on Team Wall:

How to Cancel on the Mobile Site:

How to Cancel in the MaxPreps app:

How to Cancel on Desktop 

1. On the MaxPreps homepage, place your cursor over the profile icon and click View profile.

2. Under Live Reporting, you will see a list of games you are the Reporter for. Click on the three dots. 


3. Click, I can't make it.

4. Click, "Remove Commitment." 


How to cancel on Team Wall 

1. Access the team page on Mobile or Desktop.

2. You will see Next Game option and you will select, I can't make it

3. Click, Remove Commitment on Mobile or Desktop. 


How to cancel on Mobile

1. Go to and sign in

2. Once you're signed in, it should bring you to your membership account.

3.  Under Live Reporting, you will see a list of games you are the Reporter for. 

4. Click the three dots next to the game you wont be able to attend. 

5.  Click, Remove Commitment.

 How to cancel on the MaxPreps App 

1. Access your game in the Live Reporting section of your member profile. (works on desktop or mobile)

2. Click the  menu to the right of the game you can't attend. 

3. Select I can't make it.


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