Are your stat percentages not calculating for certain athletes? 

Most likely the problem is due to full information not being entered. In order for the various percentages to calculate it is imperative that all fields regarding the stat have been entered. This means that the number of attempts are just as important as the attempts made for the percentage calculation. If either of the fields should read as none then a zero should be entered rather than leaving the field blank. 

The attempts and attempts made must be entered for ALL games in order for it to calculate the percentage for the season. 

For example:

Basketball -

  • 2FG & 2FGA required for 2FG%
  • 3FG & 3FGA required for 3FG%
  • FT & FTA required for FT%

Volleyball - 

  • ATT, K, & E required for Hitting %
  • ATT & K required for Kill %
  • SA & A required for Serving Ace %
  • SA & SE required for Serving Error %
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