Setting your Team Up in MaxStats

Coaches, recommendation start your games 24 hours prior to you start time. Make sure your iPads are fully charged and have your roster & scheduled opponents up to date throughout the season. 

MaxStats Internet Connection:

You will need an Internet Connection to start the game, finish the game, and to push the stats to You do not need an Internet Connection during the game.

If you plan to stat more than 1 game in a night (JV & Varsity for example), but have no Internet connection at the gym, you can start as many games as you need and store them in your Game Library as an "Unfinished Game". You must record at least 1 play before starting another new game.

Adjusting Team Info within MaxStats:

The only information you can change on the roster from within the app is the jersey number. If you need to add or remove players, change names, or make updates to your schedule, you will need to login to the Coach Admin on

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