How to Import Stats from MaxStats

Once you stats the game on MaxStats,you will select Finish Game. That game file will then transfer to MaxPreps.

Importing Stats from MaxStats:


Follow the steps below to import your stats from MaxStats:

Go to and sign into your MaxPreps account.

1. Place your cursor over  in the upper right hand corner.    

2. In the drop box under Admin Accounts you will select the team or school you are trying to access. 

3. Go to Calendar on the blue task bar and in the drop box select Games

4. Your schedule will populate. From this page, select  the icon below the Add/Edit column.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select .

6. Find the correct game and select it. The information will load on the second screen. From here, select, .

You will be asked "Are you sure you want to import these scores and stats." After verifying that you have selected the correct game and stats, select OK.

7. Select,  on the next page for the stats to appear on the website. 

That's it. The stats will appear on the team page within 15-30 min.


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