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All-Star Scorer status is given to one person who will be assigned to every game for their team for the entire season. To gain All-Star Scorer status, you must report a least two quality games for your team and then you receive an invitation. Learn more about quality game updates 

Benefits of All-Star Scorer status
As an All-Star Scorer, you can do the following:
- You will have the ability to opt out of any games you know that you can't attend.
- Ability to add/edit players on your team’s roster.
 - Ability to add/edit games on your team’s schedule.

Please don't add scrimmages or jamboree games - only games that count toward your team’s overall record should be added to MaxPreps.

How to Manage the Schedule & Roster

With All-Star Scorer status, you have access to edit your team’s roster and schedule by selecting either 'Edit roster' or 'Edit schedule'. Once you select either of these options follow the step below. 


On the team's navbar, select 'Roster'. From the Manage Roster page, you'll be able to Add/Edit the roster information. 


On the team's nav bar, select 'Schedule'. From the Manage Schedule page, you'll be able to add missing game(s) or edit the game information.


That's it. The team information will update within 15-30 min of making the adjustments.  

How to Manage your Games

Use the side menus to do the following actions:

- Share your contest with fans who want to follow your game updates

- Make edits to the game

- Opt-out of scoring games 1-by-1. Opting out will allow other scorers to sign up for that game so fans don’t miss out if you can’t make it.

- Sign up for games you opted out of and or games that are added to your team’s schedule



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