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MaxPreps and GameChanger are partnered to share stats for high school baseball and softball. Coaches who score their games on the GameChanger Scorekeeper app can configure their team settings to sync their stats to MaxPreps. Saving coaches time on managing both admin accounts.

Importing MaxPreps data to GameChanger:
When you utilize the Import From MaxPreps for your schedule & roster, this will auto-sync the stats to your MaxPreps Coach Admin.  
GameChanger Contact Information

If there are any customer support issues, please contact GameChanger support team at: or email at

GameChanger Team Syncing to MaxPreps:
1. Under Team Admins, select Team Settings.
3. Under TEAM SYNCING, make sure the MaxPreps it's Enabled as Varsity Level, Primary Team.
4. If it says Disabled, select ENABLED MAXPREPS to get your team synced with MaxPreps.

5. On the next page, fill out the required information and make sure to select Primary Team at this level box. 

That's it. Your GameChanger team is now synced with MaxPreps. Down below you can learn how to import your MaxPreps schedule & roster to GameChanger. 


MaxPreps Side:

1. Create an account on MaxPreps and gain access to your Coach Admin.

How to gain Coach/AD admin access?

2. Once in your Coach Admin, add your schedule & roster. It's very important you enter this on MaxPreps first. It will save you a lot of time later. 

How to Enter your Roster?

How to Enter your Schedule?

GameChanger Side:

1. Go to and create a team account. Be sure to setup the team as a 'Prep/High School team'. When asked to sync your information to MaxPreps, be sure to say yes!

2. Once in your team account, you can copy your schedule & roster over from MaxPreps to GameChanger. 

3. On the schedule and roster pages, you will select, 'Import From MaxPreps'. Please note, in order for these buttons to appear, you can't have any athletes or games listed on the roster or schedule. 

That's it. Now that you have everything setup, the game files will be sent to your MaxPreps Coach Admin where they should be auto-approved and published. If the game does not reach the minimum of 4 innings, the file will not come over to MaxPreps and you will need to manually export and import the file. Follow the steps below to learn more.  

Exporting Stat Files on GameChanger:

Go to and sign into your GameChange account.

1. On your team page, select the  tab.

2. On the schedule page, click on the final score L, 12-2.

3. From this page, select the tab.

4. On the Box Score page, select  button. 

5. A .TXT file will download to your computer. You will want to save this file. This is the file you will import into your Coach Admin account on MaxPreps. 

Importing GameChanger Stat Files to MaxPreps:

Go to and sign into your MaxPreps account.

1. On the blue navigation bar, select  and from the drop box, select .

3. From the schedule page, find the game you want to import the stats for. You will select the , under the Add/Edit column. 

4. Enter the innings or final score and select, 

5. the file you saved to your computer and select, 

6. On the stats page, you will be able to see your athletes stats. From here, you will select,  and  the stats. 

If you notice that your games have more than 4 innings and your GameChanger stats are missing on MaxPreps, don't worry. You may have to approve the stats, within your Coach Admin account on MaxPreps. This will occur if you did not sync your roster & schedule from MaxPreps to GameChanger. Follow the steps below to learn more. 

Approving Your GameChanger Stats on MaxPreps:

Go to and sign into your MaxPreps account.

1. Go to  tab and select

2. Under the Add/Edit column, select .

3. On the box score page, you should have a message from GameChanger in red. Choose the proper GameChanger file to import. 

4. After you choose the file, select 

6. Review that stats and 

That's it. The stats have been approved and added. Please note, the main team page will update with the athletes stats within 15-30 min.



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