Teams app Notifications

Learn how to set up different notifications for your teams within the Teams app. Follow the steps below:

Setting up Notifications

Setting up notifications is simple within the Teams app by MaxPreps! 

Setting Up Notifications:

If you haven't already downloaded Teams app by MaxPreps on your Android or iPhone device. Once you download the app, sign in using your MaxPreps credentials. Once you are signed in follow the steps below:

1. Once you are signed into the app, select the hamburger menu. On the flyout menu, select the setting icon in the upper right-hand corner. 

Hamburger_Menu.JPG   Settings_icon.JPG

2. On the setting page select, "Notifications" and then select which sport you would like to receive notifications for. On the sport notifications section, you can enable your Admin Notifications


Setting up Admin Notifications

1. Admin Game Updates; this will send a notification when a game is added or updated. To alert your team use, 'Notify Team' toggle in the game details. 

2. Athlete Linking; this will send a notification when a member is linked to or unlinked from an athlete's profile.

3. Member Activity; this will send a notification when a member profile is added, updated, removed or restored. 

Each of these notifications can be enabled or disabled at any time by changing the toggle next to each notification option.


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