A co-op team is when two or more schools merge the athletic program(s) and create one team. Each school, depending on the sport didn't have enough athletes to make a team themselves. In cases like this, we have what is refereed to as a Co-Op teams. We have quite a few schools set up in the MaxPreps system as co-ops. 

Co-op Teams: 

The decision to merge athletic programs comes from the schools and/or the school district. On MaxPreps, you'll see the school name list all the schools involved in the co-op or their unique co-op name.  

Examples of Co-op Teams on MaxPreps: 

Bismarck- Henning and Rossville-Alvin, two schools in Illinois have merged three teams together to field each of these teams.

  • Football,
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball 

Keyport and Hudson Regional, two schools in New Jersey have merged two sports together to field each of these teams. 

  • Football
  • Girls Soccer

To let the coaches and fans know that these schools have merged together, the schools are listed differently on MaxPreps. The unique school name, informs members that for those sport seasons those schools fielded a team together.

Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin(Bismarck, IL)

Keyport/Hudson Regional(Keyport, NJ)

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