Where to find Team Access Code

The following steps are for All Access Admins. You have the ability to view, reset and share your team's access code. Learn more about your Team Permissions.

How to share Team's Code:

1. Go to the More tab .

2. Select Permissions.

3. Select, Teams App Access CodeFor Athletes & Parents to get linked to the team within the app, you will want to share the Teams App Access Code.  

4. Depending on your device, select the proper option to share.

  • iOS device, select 
  • Android device, select 

5. You can two options to select from. Email or Text. When selecting either of these options, be sure to have the athletes email or phone number ready. 

When you share the code, you are inviting the member to join the team within the app. The member will receive the code and enter it in once they get the app on their mobile device. 

That's it!

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