Teams by MaxPreps is available for download! Get your coaches, athletes, and parents linked up to your team in the Teams app today to share information with them! 

Parent Roster

In order to get the parents linked up in the Teams app the All Access admin needs to invite the parents by sharing out the Teams app code or the athlete can invite their parent, once the athlete has been linked to the Teams app. 

Parents and athletes, speak to the head coach to be given Teams app code. If you are not already a member with MaxPreps, hurry and create your free membership account. Click here!

Setting up your Parent Roster

Share the team's app code from your team's home feed in the app.

1. Once you are logged into your team in the app, go to the Jersey tab.

2. From the top of the Members screen select, Parents

3. Select the Plus button and fill out the parent's information. 

4. Once the information is listed select, ADD PARENT.

You will have to have the parents email in order to invite them to the Teams app. 


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