If it's your first time using the Teams by MaxPreps app, don't worry coach. We have some simple steps below to help you get started.

Access your Team

1. Sign in, utilizing your MaxPreps login credentials.

2. You are now brought to the home screen for your team. 

The app will pull your team information from your coach admin account. If you need to add any team information on the go, utilize the navigation bar at the bottom. 

Check your Teams Roster

Check to see if your team's roster has been added. 

1. Go to the go to the Jersey tab.


2. If no roster has been added, feel free to add your roster through the app. 

  • Manually add the individual athletes
Copy Roster From Last Season

Utilizing this feature, will copy the roster from last year, update each athletes grade level and drop off any seniors. 

 1. Go to the Jersey tab.



This will drop all your seniors from last year and move every athlete up a year. 

That's it. The athletes will appear on MaxPreps within 15-30 min. 

Adding your Teams Roster

 1. Go to the Jersey tab.

 2. If the roster has not been entered, select the Plus Button in the circle and select athlete.

 3. Fill out all fields required & then CREATE ATHLETE

  • First & Last name
  • Grade Level

 4. Your roster has now been added for the season.

That's it. The athletes will appear on MaxPreps within 15-30 min. 

Check your Teams Schedule

To check your schedule within the Teams by MaxPreps app is simple. 

1. Go to the Calendar tab.

2. The calendar will automatically default to ALL. To look at your Game Schedule, select GAMES.

  • ALL - Games & Events
  • Games - Games listed in your team's schedule 
  • Events - Events that have been posted like Scrimmages

3. If no games have been scheduled, feel free to add your schedule within the app.


That's it. These updated or additional games will appear on MaxPreps within 15-30 min. 


Invite Your Team

Invite Parents to use Teams App

Add Your Staff on Teams App




















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