Import GameChanger files directly into your Teams app

Import your GameChanger game files directly into the MaxPreps Teams app, no computer needed! If you don't already have Teams app hurry and download the app today!

Who can import GameChanger stats to Teams app?

Only members of the coaching staff can import GameChanger stats to the Teams app by MaxPreps. If you are the team's statistician and in charge of managing GameChanger, please speak with your coach to obtain access with the proper permission levels.

Import your GC Stat Files from the Teams app

As a user with AD or All Access permissions, you can view the available GameChanger stat files within the Teams app. Follow the steps below to learn more.

  1. From the Schedule tab, you will select Games and then select the game you want to import the GameChanger stats for.
  2. On the Game detail screen, you will select, "Import from GameChanger."


  3. From the Select Game File screen, your game(s) will pre-populate the GameChanger file that matches the game you selected from the team's calendar.

  4. Once the game is selected a check mark will appear next to that game and you will select, "Import" in the upper right-hand corner.

  5. If stats publish successfully, you will be redirected to the game details screen and presented with "Stats Imported" confirmation alert.


That's it. The stats will be listed on the Teams app and on MaxPreps.




Having trouble importing stats?
Coach, if you noticed that your stats are not importing within the Teams app, don't worry!

The error you receive is most likely that the game id's or rosters don't match what we have in MaxPreps. Within GameChanger, setting up your team originally you will want to utilize the "Import From MaxPreps" feature for your roster and schedule. When you select, Import From MaxPreps, this will auto-sync the stats to your MaxPreps Coach Admin within the Teams app. Again, if the rosters don't match this means the roster on MaxPreps and the roster on GameChanger are different and it's most likely you will need to add those missing athletes to MaxPreps.

Importing Stats on Desktop
Follow the steps below to learn how to get your GameChanger stats to MaxPreps.

Go to and sign into your MaxPreps account.

1. Go to the Stats tab and select Enter Stats

2. Under the Add/Edit column, select (+).

3. On the box score page, you should have a message from GameChanger in red. Choose the proper GameChanger file to import. 

4. After you choose the file, select Continue and Review this file

6. Review that stats and Publish and Continue

That's it. The stats have been approved and added. Please note, the main team page will update with the athletes stats within 15-30 min.

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