The month of February brought the MaxPreps headquarters a TON of rain, but that didn't stop us from staying busy. From adding all new podcast shows (not just new podcast episodes), real coach interviews, big app updates and National Signing Day -- February 2019 was quite the busy one. Take a look at the top highlights we've pulled together for this month:

Listen Now:

We added to our line up of Podcast shows! We expanded our range of topics to cover more of the things YOU care about. New in February, we launched Making the Jump Podcast as well as The MaxPreps Podcast. Check all of our podcasts out below:


High School Football Coaches Podcast
  1. Coaching a potential NFL star: Listen Here (21:27)
  2. Why do you coach football?: Listen Here (1:00)
  3. The importance of playing multiple sports in high school: Listen Here (2:02)
  4. Coaching with a potential NFL player on your team: Listen Here (2:24)
  5. State title shouldn't be your end goal: Listen Here (1:36)
  6. Why high school football is so important to the community: Listen Here (1:34)
Making the Jump Podcast
  1. Ep 01 Football recruiting calendar: Listen Here (23:22)
  2. Ep 02 Recruiting is like a job search: Listen Here (1:19)
The MaxPreps Podcast
    1. Shortage of Referees is A Real Problem: Listen Here (21:27)


Play Like a Girl Podcast
    1. NFL 49ers' Coach, Katie Sowers: Listen Here (31:52)
    2. Softball Coach and Founder of The Packaged Deal: Listen Here (1:19)
    3. The Importance of the Mental Game: Listen Here (46:01)



Teams by MaxPreps Updates:


You can now import your GameChanger files from the Teams App

As a user with AD or All Access permissions, you can view the available GameChanger stat files within the Teams app. Follow the steps below to learn more.

  1. From the Schedule tab, you will select Games and then select the game you want to import the GameChanger stats for.
  2. On the Game detail screen, you will select, "Import from GameChanger."


  3. From the Select Game File screen, your game(s) will pre-populate the GameChanger file that matches the game you selected from the team's calendar.

  4. Once the game is selected a check mark will appear next to that game and you will select, "Import" in the upper right-hand corner.

  5. If stats publish successfully, you will be redirected to the game details screen and presented with "Stats Imported" confirmation alert.


That's it. The stats will be listed on the Teams app and on MaxPreps.

If you don't receive this alert confirmation proceed to the option below.

Unsuccessful Import from GameChanger


Top Articles:

Read these top articles from the month of February 2019.

Top 10 Takeaways from National Signing Day:
Toughest Boys Basketball State Tournament Brackets in 18-19
2017-18 Record-Breaking Female Athlete of the Year
Top High School Baseball Tournaments of 2019


Must See Videos:


Top High School Basketball Plays of the Week

Week 4: Watch Now

Marine's Athlete of the Month Announced

Katherine Hutter -- Mercy High School: Watch Now

Grace Wilkinson -- Rampart High School: Watch Now

Emily Matson -- George School: Watch Now

Leviticus Tharpe -- Lincoln High School: Watch Now

Al Amir Ward -- Killeen High School: Watch Now


National Signing Day -- Where the Top Players are from: Watch Now

Top Players Announced on Signing Day: Watch Now

Top Recruits from the Class of 2020: Watch Now

Watch Top Players & Best Teams on the NFHS Network: Watch Now

Top 10 Wide Receivers from the Class of 2020: Watch Now

Top 10 Cornerbacks from the Class of 2020: Watch Now

Top 10 Running Backs from the Class of 2020: Watch Now

Top 25 High School Baseball Rankings: Watch Now

Top 25 Boys Basketball Rankings: Watch Now

Top 25 Girls Basketball Rankings: Watch Now

Top 25 Girls Winter Soccer Rankings: Watch Now


Athlete Recognition:

Take a look at some of the athletes getting publicly recognized in the month of February 2019.

United Soccer Coaches High School POTW

Week 9 (Jan.28-Feb.3): View Here

Week 10 (Feb.4-10): View Here

Week 11 (Feb.11-17): View Here


Week 8 (Feb.4-10): View Here

Week 9 (Feb.11-17): View Here

Week 10 (Feb.18-24): View Here

NFCA POTW Spring 2019

Week 1 (Feb.18-24): View Here


What's Happening at MaxPreps

Real coaches, real answers.

We were lucky enough to have a total of 15 high school coaches visit the MaxPreps headquarters here in El Dorado Hills, CA this month. We asked coaches if they'd be willing to spare some time for us to pick their brain through interviews and small exercises--and these brave coaches said yes! Not much is more important to us than hearing directly from the people who use our product(s), so having these coaches here to ask what's important to them and how we can improve MaxPreps for our members was really valuable. Thanks again to the coaches who took the time out of their busy schedules to come hang out with us, we had a blast.


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