Coaches, when you send out the invite to the athlete to download the Teams by MaxPreps app, the athlete will now be able to claim themselves from the roster if they haven't already. 

Unclaimed Profiles

Coach, if you notice that 0 of your athletes haven't yet claimed their profile, don't worry. You can advise the athletes to claim their profile via the mobile site and or desktop. Or you can send the athlete an invite from the Teams app.


Invite Unclaimed Athletes
Inviting your unclaimed athletes is really simple. Follow the steps below:

1. From the Roster tab within the Teams app, select the athlete you would like to invite.


2. On the athlete's profile page, select Invite.


3. Enter in the athlete's email address on the Invite Athlete screen.


4. Select Send.

The athlete will then receive an email from you asking them to download the Teams by MaxPreps and sign in with their existing MaxPreps account. If they don't already have an existing account, they will be asked to create a free one.

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