As we start a new decade, we thought it'd be fun to take a look back at what has changed at MaxPreps in the past 10 years!

MaxPreps logo:

Our brand has gone from blue & gold, to blue, gray, and burgundy red to now a solid red.

MPLogoTransparent.png logo.JPG logo_maxpreps_large__1_.png

MaxPreps Office:


In 2010 our office was located in Cameron Park, CA. We had 51 full time employees and 6 temporary employees on staff. The office layout was very segregated and choppy. And the lighting and colors were, can see from the pictures below - very dark and yellow toned.

IMG_2749.jpg IMG_4279.jpg


In May of 2018, we moved our office to El Dorado Hills, CA - just a quick 10 minute drive down the hill from Cameron Park. We currently have 49 full time employees and 11 that are temporary. Fun fact: 22 employees who were with us in 2010 are still with the company or have gone on to other parts of CBS.

The new office is bright and has a open-concept workspace. We have an awesome kitchen with a fully stocked beverage fridge, a popcorn machine, a hot dog roller machine and more!

IMG_1116.jpg IMG_1114.jpg

MaxPreps Home Page:


MaxPreps used to look a little different. Even our colors have changed. Our main colors used to be blue, red and white. There was a lot of information on one page and a lot to look at. Even our sign in option and search bar has changed!



Our colors are now red and white and the page looks a lot cleaner. There is now icons to direct you to different areas of the site in the top right hand corner. 


MaxPreps Coach Admin:


The look of our coach admin has evolved over the years. Here's a look at one of the very first versions of the admin when MaxPreps first started.


The admin had several changes between the layout above to the one below, like the header being all black! But before the latest change, this was the version we had for several years.



With helpful feedback from coaches and our design team, we have come up with easier and more useful tools, customized the admin to match your team colors and more! And partnering with other brands has helped make the user experience easier when it comes to importing and entering schedules, scores and stats. 


Our Apps: 


We started out with the MaxPreps app and the MP Coach app. We created these apps to make it easier for the fans to keep up with team information and for coaches to be able to update the content as soon as possible without having to wait to get on a desktop. 



We still have the apps, but our MP Coach has now changes to the Teams app. The updates for this include a whole new look, chat feature, calendar sync and more!



Articles & Videos:

To wrap up the past ten years - we wanted to share the top teams, athletes and coaches from the last decade. 


🏆 Top 10 high school football teams over the last decade: Watch

🏆 Top high school athletes of the decade: Read

🏆 Top high school coaches of the decade: Read

🏆 Best high school sport teams from the last decade: Read


🎄2019 Holidays at MaxPreps HQ🎄

A season of giving:

This year at MaxPreps we participated in Toys for Tots' and a food drive that was donated to our local food bank. 


Gingerbread Competition:

We also decided to have a little friendly competition between one another and in teams of six, we competed for the best and most creative gingerbread house. Take a look at some of the contestants!

ginger3.JPG ginger1.JPG ginger.JPG

gb5.JPG gb3.jpg GB.jpg


Note: The group shown above won this competition. Everyone put up a good fight, but let's just say they had a pond with an elf fishing! The details were impressive. 

We hope you all enjoyed the holidays just as much as we did!

🎇Happy New Year!🎇




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