An Update to MaxPreps School & Team History Pages

Looking for your team's record book? As of 1/30/2020, we've decommissioned these pages from All the information that has been entered into MaxPreps is still saved, and all team-specific data can be viewed on an annual basis.

Why The Change?

We are actively redesigning our pages with an effort to make the experience from desktop to mobile stay the same. Due to these changes, certain low-traffic pages, like the individual team record books, will be removed from the desktop version of MaxPreps. Coaches are still able to add the information to the record books in their admin, but will not be directly accessible to the public.

How Can I Still View This Information?
The information in the record book will still be accessible on MaxPreps. The only difference will be having to select each year, you'd like to view by way of the "More" tab. Here's how to do so:
  1. When on a Team Page, hover over the "More" tab.
  2.  You will see an "All Seasons" tab that will show a list of all of the years the sport has been active on MaxPreps. From here you will be able to navigate to each year to look at previous seasons, scores, stats, rankings, etc. 
Any Feedback Regarding This Change?

Feel free to leave any comments/suggestions here. We are always open to hearing from our users and appreciate any feedback given to us!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please reach out to our support team at 1-800-329-7324 ext. 1 or

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