🏀Basketball season is here, let's get it started🏀


You may have noticed some changes throughout MaxPreps.

Let's see what the team has been working on!



MaxPreps App redesign:

The product team has been hard at work making new updates throughout the site and our apps. Below you will see the new home page for your MaxPreps app compared to the old one.  Your favorite teams are now listed at the top with an edit option, instead of in the icons on the bottom of the screen. This makes for a simpler and cleaner look throughout.

      new_mp_app.JPG   old_mpapp.JPG


Schedule admin feedback:

This is what your schedule looks like currently. We have updated the look of this and we are looking for feedback from coaches! Please sign into your coach admin, select the schedule option and click try.JPG  and let us know what you think!


Once you are in the new schedule, please feel free to leave us some feedback in the bottom right hand corner. We would love to hear from you!



🏆For the kids🏆

We love to uplift and recognize the good and the great. Congratulations to some of our MaxPreps All American recipients. Hard work really does pay off!




 MaxPreps HQ: 

Here at MaxPreps we have an "All Hands" meeting every quarter. These meetings include everyone that work in and out of the office.  In these meetings each department discusses new updates and future goals. We like to bring everyone together to share everyone's accomplishments!



all_hands5.JPG all_hands3.JPG





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