MaxPreps has rolled out some awesome new designs for our coaches, athletes, and fans. If you haven't noticed the new designs, feel feel to take a look at the Beta pages we have. 

New Designs

MaxPreps has been busy rolling out new designs for certain pages throughout the site. In the midst of rolling out these new designs, you may experience minor inconsistencies between the new pages and the classic pages. This is temporary and will soon reflect the newest designs. 

With these new transitions, we have asked our coaches, athletic directors, and fans to leave us any feedback regarding these pages. We take your feedback seriously and will continue to deliver the best possible version of our site. 

Classic Designs 
Rolling out the newest designs, as a coach, athlete, parent, or fan you can toggle between the Classic look or the Beta versions for the following pages:

1. Public Roster Page 
2. Public Schedule Page
3. Coach admin & Public Rankings Page

To view the beta versions of these pages, tap on "Check it out" and leave us any feedback. 

5. For coaches - within your coach admin account, go to schedule. Select Schedule to view the new design.

To revert back to Classic view for Schedule, click "Back to Classic" in the feedback popup. Feel free to leave us any feedback. 
Defaulted New Designs
The pages below now have the newest designs for fans, athletic directors, and coaches.

1. School Home Page
2. Coach Admin Roster Page
3. Coach Admin & Public Standings Page - select Standings to view the new design 
4. Coach Admin Schedule page - with the option to go back to classic

If you have any questions or general feedback regarding these pages, email us at
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