Has your season been pushed back, rescheduled, or cancelled due to COVID-19? If you are a coach, this article will help you update you team's schedule on MaxPreps! 

My schedule has not been entered on MaxPreps.

No worries! If your schedule is not on MaxPreps, follow the steps in our Schedule Management support article to get it posted to your team's page. 

My schedule has been entered, but my season has been postponed.

If your schedule is already posted on MaxPreps but your season has been pushed back or postponed, please follow the steps below to edit your schedule. 

  1.  Once on MaxPreps, place your cursor over the Profile Icon in the upper right-hand corner.

  2.  In the drop box under ADMIN ACCOUNTS, select your team.  

  3.  Go to Schedule located on the navigation bar and select Games

  4.  To edit a game, select the  edit.PNG icon on the desired game and select Edit Details.

  5.  Edit any game information (date, time, location, game type) needed and hit Save.

The information will update on the team page within 15-30 min.

My season was cancelled.

If your season was cancelled, here is how to remove games from your team's MaxPreps schedule.

  1. Once on MaxPreps, place your cursor over your Profile Icon in the upper right-hand corner.    

  2.  In the drop box under ADMIN ACCOUNTS, select your team.  

  3.  Go to Schedule located on the navigation bar and select Games. 

  4.  Each game will have a checkbox on the left hand side. Select the games you'd like to delete. 

  5.  Once selected, click on the trash.PNG icon to confirm deletion of games.

The information will reflect on the team page within 15-30 min.  

PLEASE NOTE: If your sport is being played in another season (Football pushed back to Spring) please continue to enter your information in your true season. Example: Football should be entered in Fall and Basketball in Winter, regardless of when your season begins.


If you need addition help or would like to learn more about MaxPreps features, we are now offering MaxPreps Office Hours to help coaches learn the in's and out's of MaxPreps! In these webinars, you will be able to communicate with our support team, ask questions, and get the answers you've been looking for.

We are currently working on scheduling more Office Hours. Check back for future dates to get signed up! 

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or comments. You can reach us at support@maxpreps.com or at 1-800-329-7324 ext. 1. 


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