Having troubles syncing/publishing your stats from HUDL on MaxPreps? Here are some common issues and how to resolve them.

HUDL Stat File Won't Sync to MaxPreps

If you are encountering any the following issues, please reach out to MaxPreps and we will be able to resolve the issue:

1. The current game on the schedule is not linked to MaxPreps from HUDL. 

2. If you receive an error message on the HUDL side “Error: Participant is not linked to MaxPreps and therefore stats cannot sync.”

3. If the HUDL game is linked to a deleted game on MaxPreps.

Unassigned Stats

If you have unassigned stats in HUDL, you will have two options:

  1. In HUDL, you can assign the unassigned stats to the correct player. Once the stats have been assigned, you can re-send the HUDL file to MaxPreps.
  2. In MaxPreps, you can choose to approve the file and have the unassigned stats removed completely.

PLEASE NOTE: All stat files from HUDL need to be approved after the stat file is sent to MaxPreps. Click here to learn how to approve a stat file from HUDL to MaxPreps. 

If your issues persist, please reach out to our support team at support@maxpreps.com or at 1-800-329-7324 ext. 1.

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