As of January 1st, 2022, the Teams app has been removed from the App/Play Store and will no longer be supported for those who still have the app downloaded.

Many of the features from the Teams app are being added to the MaxPreps app, including the ability to edit your schedules, rosters, scores, and stats.

A key feature that the Teams app offered that will not be added to the MaxPreps app is the Chat Feature.

While we know our faithful Teams app users may find this upsetting, we want you to know this decision was not easy and was not made over night. Our reasoning for sunsetting the Teams app revolves around combining the Teams app and the MaxPreps app, simplifying use for coaches, parents, athletes, and fans. 

Over the years, many users have encountered confusion between the two apps. Which one should fans have? Which ones should members of the program have? We wanted to rid users of this dilemma by combining the two apps into one app, where a user can easily find whatever information they are looking for.

What You Need to Know:

What happens to my information in the Teams app?

You will not have to re-enter any information.

All of your information in the Teams app is universal. Anything you have inputted in the app, appears on the desktop version as well as the MaxPreps app. This includes your log-in information!

Will I have to download a different app now?

If you do not already have the MaxPreps app, make sure you get it in the App Store/Play Store. 

Download the MaxPreps app here! Please remember that MaxPreps is 100% free! There are no membership or downloading fees.

How will I manage my teams in the new app?

Our engineering teams have done a phenomenal job recreating the Teams app features and implementing them into the MaxPreps app. 

You won't see many changes between the Teams app and the new and improved MaxPreps app. The one change you may encounter is the removal of the chat feature. Other than this minor change, the app will be easy to use intuitively. 

Can I continue to use the Teams app after January 1, 2022?

Support for the Teams app is no longer available. No further updates will be made to the app and will not be downloadable on the App Store/Play Store.

However, if you already have the Teams app and wish to continue to use it past January 1, feel free to do so. The core functions of the app will continue to be useable, but certain feeds and features may no longer work. Please be aware; any bugs, errors, etc. encountered will not be resolved by MaxPreps.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team by submitting a request

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