GameChanger's new app, Team Manager, simplifies the coaching experience!


Having a single app where you can keep your program organized will help save coaches loads of time. The Team Manager app brings you many great features:

  • Team Chat/Messaging
  • Live Scoring/Stat-Tracking of Games
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Schedule Management
  • Stat Management

Syncing Data with MaxPreps

Just like with the previous GameChanger app, Team Manager app allows you to enable a sync between MaxPreps and GameChanger. 


When allowing this sync, you are also enabling the roster and schedule to be sent from MaxPreps to Team Manager. This will also enable your stats you keep in Team Manager to sync over to MaxPreps, simplifying all of the data entry responsibilities required as a coach!  

Please Note: Baseball and softball are the only sports that have syncing features available at this time. Our engineering teams are currently working on adding the sync feature for all sports. 

Download Team Manager for iPhone here!
Download Team Manager for Android here!

Any questions regarding the Team Manager app? Submit a Request to GameChanger here. If you have any other questions regarding the data sync between GameChanger and MaxPreps, submit a request to our team here. 


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