Are you a Head Coach or Athletic Director?


If so, you are able to be granted access to your Team Admin to add/edit any information regarding your program! 

What is the Team Admin?
The Team Admin is the heart and soul of MaxPreps!

Head coaches, athletic directors, and other approved staff members entering in their team's information are what makes MaxPreps what we are.

With the ability to manage Schedules, Rosters, Scores, Stats, and more, these incredibly valued users enter in their team's information in a secure admin, only approved users have access to.


After years of feedback from our users, updates were made to ensure the Team Admin is a user-friendly experience for coaches. Finding a way to minimize the stress load for coaches during a busy season was our main goal.

Now, with just a few clicks, a team's information can be accurate and up to date!
How do I get Admin Access?
Get Admin Access by submitting a Access Request to our Support team!

Access Requests can be sent via the MY ACCESS section on your Account Settings page or by just clicking this link.
  1. If you are signed in, select the white profile icon in the top right corner. If you are not signed in or have not yet created an account, go ahead and select Sign In, located in the top right corner. Once you are signed in, the white profile icon will appear.
  2. A fly-out menu will appear with your name. Click on the gear icon in the upper-left corner as shown below to be directed to your Account Settings page.


  3. In the Account Settings page, find the MY ACCESS section.
    1. If you already have access to a team, you will see them listed here. Click on your school's name and you will be directed into your Team Admin!
    2. If your team is not listed, click the Blue Pencil Icon on the right-hand side.


  4. Under the Add an Admin Account section, click Request Access.
  5. A pop-up message will appear warning those who are not directly affiliated with an athletic program to not submit an Access Request. Click Continue to move forward. 
  6. Fill out the requested information, depending on whether you are an Athletic Director for a school, or a Head Coach. 
  7. Once you have successfully filled out the information, press Send Request to submit the request to our support team.
That's It!

Our support team will review the submitted information within 24 hours. An agent will reach out if we need further verification to grant you access.
Am I able to grant my other coaches Admin Access?
Add as many Team Admins as you feel necessary!

We understand as a Head Coach or Athletic Director, your plate is full and may not want the added stress of entering information on MaxPreps. That's why Team Admins are able to grant access to anyone they would like to add/edit information!
In Your Team Admin:
  1. Select the Roster tab from your navigation bar.
  2. In the Manage Roster section, select Staff.
  3. A list will be shown with all members who currently have Admin Access to your team. Select the Blue Add Button.
  4. Fill in the requested information (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Position).
  5. Click Save once you have entered the information.
That's It!

Once you have saved, an email will be sent notifying the user that they now have Team Admin access for your program. If they have not yet created a MaxPreps account, they will be prompted to do so before being able to log in to the admin.
What are Team Volunteers?
Getting Volunteer Requests from members of your community?

Volunteer Requests can be sent by users (usually parents & super fans) who want to help ease your burden by entering information for you on MaxPreps.

When a user sends a Volunteer Request, they are sent to the Head Coach with an option to approve or deny the request.

Approving a Request

Approving a request will grant the user Team Admin access. They will have the ability to add/edit any information regarding your program.

You are always able to remove a volunteer as well if you mistakenly approved a Volunteer Request.

Denying a Request

Denying a request will not grant the user Team Admin access. They will be unable to enter any information regarding your program. 

Turn off Volunteer Requests

If you wish to turn off Volunteer Requests so no more can be sent to you, you can do so via the most recent request you received.

Volunteer Requests will need to be turned off at the start of every season.


Coaches and Athletic Directors will have different privileges within their admin.

Head Coaches Athletic Directors
Head Coaches have Admin Access to the specific sport they are a part of.

Add/Edit/Delete games to a schedule for public consumption.
Add/Edit/Delete rosters to provide the most current information on the athletes participating.
Scores & Stats
Add/Edit/Delete results from matches as a team as well as individual statistics for each athlete.
Highlight Videos
Manage highlight videos via HUDL and manual uploads.
Season Awards
Select deserving athletes for awards throughout a season such as Player of the Game and Player of the Year.
Team History
Manage your team's history ranging from team records to coaching records.

Any other questions regarding the Team Admin?
Feel free to reach out to our Support team by submitting a request.

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