Depending on your level of permission, only the All Access can update the head coach name. If you don't have all access please submit a request. If you have the All Access permissions follow the instructions listed below. To learn about the different permissions, click here

As an Athletic Director:

As an Athletic Director - Update Head Coach:

Go to and sign into your AD Admin Account. 

1. Under the AD Utilities section, select Manage Teams.

2. Locate the sport and select, Manage then select the level you are trying to access. 

3. From the four boxes, select Update Coach under the Head Coach section. 

4. Add the Head Coach name and select Update to save. 

That's it. The team page on the main site will update within 15-30 min. 

As a Coach:

As a Coach - Update Head Coach:

Go to and sign into your MaxPreps account.

1. Click on the icon in the upper right hand corner.    

2. In the fly-out menu, select your team. 


3. Once you are in the admin, Click the "Head Coach" link on your Team Checklist.



4. You will be brought to a page showing all staff members who currently have access to the admin.


If the coach is listed in this section but is not showing up on the public end of the site:

Go ahead and click on the Capture.JPG icon next to their name. Check the box stating, "Override the Head Coach Name displayed on MaxPreps" and then click the save button. Please allow the site 15-30 minutes to display the changes made. 

If the coach is not listed in this section:

Click onCapture.JPG and enter the Head Coach's information. Be sure to check the "Override the Head Coach Name Displayed on MaxPreps" box! This will grant the head coach access into the admin as well as updating the coach name displayed on MaxPreps. 

As a Fan:

As a Fan:

If we have the wrong head coach listed, miss spelled or you have something else you would like pertaining to the coach, feel free to use the Coach Name Correction tool or to Submit a Request


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