Looking to Make Updates to a Team's Schedule?

Are you a Head Coach, Athletic Director, or an approved staff member?

If so, you can quickly make any changes to a schedule without reaching our support team via your Team Admin. Head to our Manage Schedule Corrections article here for instructions! Coach and Athletic Director Admin

Any other questions regarding schedules? Feel free to reach out to the Support Team by submitting a request.

Add, Edit, or Delete a Game From a Schedule

If an individual game needs to be added, edited, or deleted, fill out the form in the link below. We will review the information and make updates as soon as possible. Please note this form is not intended for coach use as coaches have the ability to make schedule corrections from their coach admin pages.

Not a coach or athletic director?
Click to Submit a schedule update request

Adding Five or More Games to a Schedule

If a team schedule needs to have five or more games added to their schedule, please submit a Full Schedule Submission. Submitting in this format will maximize efficiency, helping our support team make large scale updates as quickly as possible.

Submit a Full Schedule Submission

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