Looking to hide your stats from public view?

Once stats are entered in on MaxPreps, they are viewable by the public without an option to hide them.

We understand your frustrations with this decision and concern of your team's being scouted, giving opponents an advantage.

At MaxPreps, one of our main goals is to cover and help athletes gain exposure in hopes of playing sports at the next level. 

If you would like your stats deleted, please submit a request to Support

Scholarship Potential
College Scouting

College coaches and scouts are constantly checking MaxPreps for information on student-athletes, especially statistics. An athlete's stats can catch the eye of a single coach and spark conversation and interest, potentially leading to a scholarship from a university!

National Recognition & Comparisons

When stats are entered on MaxPreps, athletes are automatically sorted onto our leaderboards, where they can see how they compare to athletes in their area or even nationwide!


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