Become an Approved Scorer:

In order to become an Approved Scorer for MaxPreps, you must submit 3 or more correct final end game scores.

How to Become an Approved Scorer

Access the team page and go to their schedule. If a score is missing go ahead and Report Final Score. 


Approved Scorers receive credit next to each score they report and their scores post directly to MaxPreps after the 24-hour approval process. Please note, once you receive a score count you may notice a calculation difference on desktop and in the MaxPreps app. Currently, the desktop displays the "Calculated Score Rating" and the app displays your "Total Accepted Scores. " Either score above 3 is awesome and once your Approved Scorer you're set. The number is just a nice reflection badge we display. 



If you report an incorrect score you will be given -3 points (or reset back to 0).

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