Approved Scorers are our trusted MaxPreps users.

How to Become an Approved Scorer
To become an Approved Scorer on MaxPreps, you must have reported 3 correct scores to MaxPreps. 

How do I report scores to MaxPreps?
If a score is missing from a schedule, you will have an option to Report Final Score. Once you have entered the final score, our support team will review the information before posting it.

If the score is approved, you will receive one point towards your goal of three to achieve Approved Scorer status.

Does Score Count matter once I am an Approved Scorer?
After becoming an Approved Scorer, your score count does not hold any significant bearing. The Score Count will be looked at as a badge of honor that come with bragging rights. Some of the highest score counts we've seen from users are in the thousands!

It is important to note, though, that if your Score Count dips below three, your Approved Scorer status will be revoked. Each game with an incorrect score will dock three points off your score count so make sure to double check the information you're submitting! 


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