Coaches, once the game is finished in the app you will select Finish Game and the game file will then transfer to MaxPreps.

Importing your stats from your computer:

Go to and sign in to your Coach Admin Account.   

1. Go to Stats on the navigation bar and select Enter Stats.   

2. To ADD/EDIT your team's stats, select the green plus button or tool wrench button, under the Add/Edit column.

3. The score of the game should already be listed. 

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select Save & import from MaxStats.


5. Select the correct file for the game on the left-hand side. Once you select the file the stats will populate on the right-hand side. 

6. Select, Import Score and Stats.

7. On the Enter Stats page, you will select, Publish & Continue. 


That's it. The stats will appear on the team page within 15-30 min.

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