Logging in to your Team Admin


Log in to your Team Admin in just a few steps!

Click the tab below to learn how to access the admin below with your device! Don't have access? Request Admin Access here.

Desktop iPhone/Android App Mobile Browser
Using a PC or Laptop:

If you are using a desktop, laptop, or any traditional type of computer, follow these steps to log in to your Team Admin.

1. Head to www.maxpreps.com

2. If you are not already signed in, head to the top right corner and select, "Sign In."

3. Once you are signed in, click the white profile icon in the top right corner. A flyout menu should appear with your name.

4. Find the icon that correlates to your team and also states, "Team Admin." Below is an example of what an admin of the MaxPreps D Varsity Girls Volleyball would click.


That's it! You will be directed to your Team Admin as soon as you click the link.

Verification Needed?

We want to ensure the safety and integrity of your account! If you are logged in on a computer and have not accessed MaxPreps in an extended amount of time, we will ask for you to enter in your account password to confirm your identity. Once confirmed, you will be directed straight to your admin.

Forgot Password?

If you're unable to access the admin due to a forgotten password, you are able to send yourself a password reset link or send our support team a request

Don't have access to your Team Admin?

Send our support team an Access Request here.

Still having troubles getting into your admin?

Reach out to our support team by submitting a ticket and we will be happy to assist you. Business Hours are Monday-Friday from 8AM-6PM Pacific Standard Time.

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