Feel like your team's ranking may be off?

To find out more about how the rankings work check out this articleMaxPreps Rankings

Inaccurate Team Ranking

Team Ranking is Inaccurate:

The biggest factors that will affect your team rankings making them inaccurate are incomplete, missing or wrong games or scores on your schedule. 

As a coach, make sure your schedule and scores are always up to date prior to the rankings being ran. Any corrections you make after the rankings are ran will update in the next rankings update.

Strength of Schedule

Strength of Schedule:

The answer is most likely strength of schedule. This is a significant factor in the calculation.

If your team has a low overall strength of schedule and beats a team with a higher rank and a strong overall schedule strength your team will benefit in the rankings, but it does not guarantee your team will move ahead of that higher ranked team due to your low overall strength of schedule.

Each situation is different and results may vary.

Games not included in Rankings

What Games are not included in the Rankings:

Any games listed on your schedule verse Varsity Opponents, Non- Varsity Opponents and Forfeit games are not included in the rankings. 

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