If you think your team's standings are incorrect, don't worry. We can help you figure out why.

Team missing from the league & division

Is your team missing from a league or division?

The biggest factors that will affect your team standings are the following: 

1. My team is missing from the league

2. My team is missing from the division

3. My team is listed in the wrong league and or division

4. The teams in the league or division are wrong 

To avoid this happening to your team, during the start of the season make sure you verify your team's alignment within your coach admin account. Once your team's alignment is corrected, your team will appear in the standings.

Learn how to verify your teams alignment here. 

Incorrect Game Type Listed 

Is the game type listed incorrectly?

The answer is most likely your team has an incorrect game type listed on the schedule. What that means, is you could have a game on the schedule that's marked as a Non-Conference game but should be marked as a Conference game or the game is marked as a Conference game but should be a Non-Conference game. 

This correction is easy to adjust within your coach admin account. Once the game-type is correct your team's record will be adjusted on the standings and possibly the team's placement.

Learn how to manage your teams schedule here. 

Missing games or scores  

Missing data on the schedule?

Any games listed on your schedule will account for your team's standings. The standings will consistency update with the team data added or adjusted whether it's a wrong opponent, missing game, wrong game type, missing score, or reversed score. All these examples will affect the standings. Please make sure your teams schedules and scores are correct throughout the season. 

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