Cancel MaxPreps Membership or Deleting an Athlete Profile

Need to cancel your membership or have an athlete page removed?

We understand the importance of your privacy!

Please note it is important to clarify if you would like to delete your MaxPreps account membership, and/or athlete page. 

Memberships and athlete pages are not connected and go through different processes to be removed. 

Cancel your MaxPreps Membership
We hate to see you go!

If you wish to cancel your membership for any reason please contact the Support team by submitting a request and we can have the account deleted for you.

Being charged a monthly fee?

If you are being charged any fees please remember that MaxPreps is a 100% free membership. The only thing MaxPreps will charge for is photos purchased from our professional galleries.

Any subscription based charges you may be seeing are coming from the NFHS Network, an online video streaming service. Some games on MaxPreps may have a link to their website to watch games live, which could be causing the confusion.

To cancel your NFHS subscription you will need to contact the NFHS Network at: (877) 978-2311.
Delete Athlete Profile Page
Don't want to be listed or searchable?
If you are a current or former athlete and would to have your athlete profile deleted so your name is not searchable on search engines or our site, please submit a request to our support team.

Submit an Athlete Page Removal Request

How does MaxPreps remove profiles?
Once your request has been received, a support agent will remove any identifying information from your page including name, height, weight, graduation year, and positions played. Any photos and videos will also be deleted from the page.

After removing any identifying information, you will no longer be searchable on MaxPreps. Our team will then reach out to Google and other search engines to request the pages be removed from their search engines, which can take up to 1-3 business days.

Urgent request for profile removal
If removing your name is urgent or an emergency, please call our support team at 1 (800) 329-7324 ext. 1 so we can handle this immediately for you.
Unsubscribe from Emails
Don't want to receive emails from MaxPreps but would like to keep your account active?

You are able to manage your email preferences from your account settings in the Communications Preferences section.

Customize which emails you would like to unsubscribe from in the Subscriptions and Notifications tab.

Subscription Email Descriptions Frequency
Coach & AD Messaging Receive general information about your team and other messaging specific for coaches and athletic directors. Monthly
Coach & AD Reminders Receive general information about your team and other messaging specific for coaches and athletic directors. Monthly
MaxPreps Messaging Receive announcements about new services, features, and cool high school sports stories for MaxPreps members. Occasionally
Partner Messaging Receive premier offers from MaxPreps partners. Occasionally
State Association Receive important updates and reminders directly from your State Association. Varies by State
Notifications Email Descriptions Frequency
Final Scores Receive final score updates your favorite teams as soon as a game is finished. Frequently
Videos, Photos, & Articles Receive updates and links to any new videos, photos, and articles your favorite teams are mentioned or tagged in. Varies by Team
Rankings Receive rankings updates for your favorite teams to see if they moved up or down in the past week. Weekly
Changed your mind?
You can always re-enable any subscriptions and notifications in your Communications Preferences as well.

Any other questions regarding your membership or athlete profile?
Feel free to reach out to our support team by submitting a request.

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