Cancel MaxPreps Membership or Deleting an Athlete Profile

Canceling Your MaxPreps Membership

If you wish to cancel your membership for any reason please contact the Support team by submitting a request and we can have the account deleted for you.

If you are being charged any monthly fees, please remember that MaxPreps is a 100% free membership. The only thing MaxPreps will charge for is photos purchased from our professional galleries.

Any subscription based charges you may be seeing are coming from the NFHS Network, an online video streaming service. Some games on MaxPreps have a link to their website to watch games live, which could be causing the confusion.

To cancel your NFHS subscription you will need to contact the NFHS Network at: (877) 978-2311 

Deleting Your Athlete Profile

If you are a current or former athlete and need to have your athlete profile deleted so your name is not searchable on search engines or our site, please submit a request.

If removing your name is urgent or an emergency, please call our support team at 1 (800) 329-7324 ext. 1 so we can handle this immediately for you. 

How does MaxPreps Remove Profiles?

Your name will be removed and changed to the name, "(Your School) Athlete" and information will be deleted including height, weight, class year, and positions played.


These changes will be displayed in MaxPreps as soon as we let you know the changes were made.

Please Note: Your name may remain within the Google search results until Google updates their search engine.

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