Sync Schedule & Roster from MaxPreps to GameChanger

Once you have your schedule & roster entered on MaxPreps, your games and athletes may be synced FROM MaxPreps TO GameChanger. By syncing your schedule & roster, the syncing of your stat files during the season will be automatic and more accurate. 

To sync your MaxPreps Schedule & Roster, follow these steps:

  1. Login & enter your Schedule & Roster on MaxPreps

Setting up your Team in GameChanger:

  1. Open the GameChanger app & log into your account.
  2. Click the + Button in the top-right corner of your screen, then select "Create New Team."
  3. Select the desired sport. (Note: Softball and Baseball only)
  4. Select, "School" from the options for "Select Your Team Type" then select the High School option. 
  5. Choose your team level. 
  6. Type in your High School's name and select the school from the dropdown bar

That's it! Your schedule will automatically sync from MaxPreps to GameChanger after completing the final steps below: 

  1. If you'd like your stats to automatically sync from GameChanger to MaxPreps, select, "Yes, sync stats with MaxPreps."
  2. Enter your school's mascot, then select, "Next" in the top-right corner. 
  3. Select the season your sport is played. 
  4. If your roster is already entered in on MaxPreps, select, "Import MaxPreps Roster."


That's it! Your schedule and roster are now set up for the upcoming season. 

**Please note you can only import your schedule & roster from MaxPreps upon initial setup of your team on GameChanger, you cannot send your GameChanger schedule/roster to MaxPreps. If you have already created your team and not synced your MaxPreps roster and schedule over you will need to manually enter this information. Any further questions? Please reach out to MaxPreps support by submitting a request

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