Sync Schedule & Roster from MaxPreps to GameChanger

Once you have your schedule & roster entered on MaxPreps, your games and athletes may be synced FROM MaxPreps TO GameChanger. By syncing your schedule & roster, the syncing of your stat files during the season will be automatic and more accurate. 

To sync your MaxPreps Schedule & Roster, follow these steps:

  1. Login & enter your Schedule & Roster on MaxPreps
  2. Login to GameChanger > go to the Schedule and Roster & Lineup tabs
  3. Click "Import from MaxPreps" on both pages (see image below for example)


**Please note you can only import your schedule & roster from MaxPreps, you cannot send your GameChanger schedule/roster to MaxPreps. Once a game or athlete are manually added to GameChanger, the Import from MaxPreps option will disappear. You can always bring the option back by removing the game(s) or athlete(s) from your GameChanger schedule/roster.

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