MaxPreps & GameChanger Data Sync

Using GameChanger enables you to sync over your information to MaxPreps seamlessly. Syncing rosters, schedules, scores, and stats has never been easier!

Data Syncing is currently only available for Baseball and Softball.

We are aware the new GameChanger app offers all sports and look forward to expanding our data sync in the future!

GameChanger.png  Using the new GameChanger app?

Enabling the Syncing Feature
Automatic Syncing:

Want to have your stats sent over to MaxPreps automatically to save you the trouble of entered your stats manually on MaxPreps? Follow these steps to enable the sync between MaxPreps and GameChanger!

To send and publish stats from GameChanger to MaxPreps:
  1. Open up the GameChanger app and select your team.
  2. In the top right corner, select the gear icon.
  3. Select, "Stat Settings."
  4. Below the Stat Privacy section, you will find another section for MaxPreps. If the sync is enabled, you will see a checkmark on the right-hand side.

  5. If the sync is not enabled, go ahead and select, "Yes, sync stats with MaxPreps" and your stats will begin to show in MaxPreps!

unnamed.png  Using the GameChanger Classic app?

Enabling the Syncing Feature
If you are still using GameChanger Classic, you are still able to easily sync your GameChanger with MaxPreps.

Is GameChanger Classic going away?

Currently, there is no sunset date for GameChanger Classic. GameChanger does not plan to maintain this app forever so we encourage you to upgrade for free to the new GameChanger app as soon as possible. The best time to make the switch is before your next season begins.

Activating the sync between GameChanger and MaxPreps:
  1. On your GameChanger's Team Home Page, select, "Team Settings" on the lower right-hand side of the page.

  2. Once you are on the Team Settings page, scroll to the Team Syncing section at the bottom of the page.
  3. Depending on if you opted to sync with MaxPreps or not when setting your team up, you will see two different options:
    1. If you selected to NOT sync your stats to MaxPreps: You will see the option to Enable the sync in this section.

    2. If you selected to sync your stats to MaxPreps: You may see that it shows your team as, "Enabled at Varsity Level." IF this is the case, disable the sync and continue to the follow the steps below.

  4. Fill out the requested information. PLEASE NOTE: Make sure your select the checkbox asking if this is the Primary Team at this level. This is essentially what activates the sync between MaxPreps and GameChanger. If this is not checked, your GameChanger will not sync with MaxPreps

  5. Once you have saved, double check and make sure the sync is enabled. If the sync was properly set up, it should read, "Enabled as Varsity Level, Primary Team."

That's it! Your GameChanger and MaxPreps are now connected. It's important to make sure the dates and times for your games matchup throughout the season. If they are not identical, the scores and stats will not be automatically posted to MaxPreps and the stat file will need to be approved in the Team Admin.

Syncing the Schedule & Roster
To avoid any errors, it is important to ensure that all games and athletes match in both MaxPreps and GameChanger.

Before entering any information on GameChanger, you are able to enter your schedule and roster on MaxPreps and sync the information over to GameChanger:

Importing Your Schedule:
  1. If there are no games in your schedule on GameChanger, an option to import from MaxPreps will populate.
  2. Select the Import from MaxPreps option.

That's it! Your schedule will be imported into GameChanger from MaxPreps. 

Importing your Roster:

  1. If there are no athletes on your roster on GameChanger, an option to import from MaxPreps will populate.
  2. Select the Import from MaxPreps option.

That's it! Your roster will be imported into GameChanger from MaxPreps. 

Syncing the Scores & Stats
If your schedule matches in MaxPreps and GameChanger, your scores and stats will automatically post to MaxPreps. 

If you notice some games scores and stats are not being posted, you may need to manually approve the file in the Team Admin:

  1. Login to your Team Admin on MaxPreps.
  2. Select Schedule from the navigation bar.
  3. In the, "Manage Schedule" section, find the game that has not posted stats.
  4. Click the blue pencil icon on the right-hand side, shown below.

  5. Select the blue pencil icon and click on Enter/Edit score
  6. From the drop-down box, select the desired game and then hit, "Continue and Review this File."
  7. Once confirmed, select "Publish & Continue."

That's it! Once you have hit Publish & Continue the stats and scores will be published to the site. Please allow 15-30 minutes for the updates to show on the public end. 

Having troubles successfully syncing your stats?
If the following were instructions didn't help get your stat files into MaxPreps, Check out this article for some of the common reasons and how to resolve the issue.

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